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Last night I wanted to send my Followers a reblog of that post with the comment below. Unfortunately I was unattentive and this has been reblogged on my German main blog. If you want to view the post on my German blog please click on this link.

“…if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” (1 Corinthians 13:2/NIV).

Here my comment:

This has been my first post on faith that can move a mountain and love. It is a creative post. Faith to move a mountain might refer to the confidence to take great efforts in achieving certain goals. You can also take it to refer to the faith that is required to experience divine miracles. My post is meant to point to the need of pursuing goals that are worthwhile. Also love ought to be an aspect under consideration. I think of the poor cow and the poor sheep neglected by their owner. How many other good things did he not do while he strained himself to remove a mountain beside his house! Years went by only for him to finally realise that the original condition was better than what he achieved.
Sorry, I did not write a new post for today. Yet I hope this can give you some inspiration too!

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What do you think of, when…

Here is a creative post from the early days of this blog. Many of my current followers will never have read this one. Please feel free to comment, like and share!

Motivation of Christian Love


What do you think, when you hear

somebody mention tongues of angels?

Would these tongues be reddish, pink or rose?

Would angels speak in poetry or prose?

When you speak of angels,

what would they be like?

Would you love to hear, what angels say?

Do you expect them to tell you,

what is forbidden and what you may?

Do you imagine angels good or bad?

If you should meet one,

would you be terrified or glad?

(As I have referred to poetry in a recent post here is a feeble attempt in rhyming.)

Howbeit, what would you make of a man or woman, who claims to speak with tongues of angels?

Or what if somebody should make you feel, he or she was like an angel? You just marvel at him. His or her words seem so amiable, beautiful and trustworthy. You get the feeling that this speaker is aware of your…

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