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Love in spite of Difficulties – 1 Corinthians 13:7a

One of my goals in writing this blog is to be helpful to Christian believers. Then also I would like to point out to anybody who comes across this site, how to set out on a pathway with God.

Besides this, of course I am studying the bible. I am trying to figure out what 1 Corinthians 13 might mean. I am thinking about how this chapter could become meaningful to day-to-day Christian living.

As I recently concluded my consideration of verse 7a I found I had shared some very important things in these posts. I thought you might benefit from rereading these posts in one go.

This is why I have been preparing the PDF I am offering to you today. My statistics page shows that so far there have been a number of clicks on the link I have previously published. Yet I want to make it easy for all my followers to make hold of this booklet. So today I am offering it again.

I intend to leave this post sticky on the top of my site for some time. So anybody who visits my site can read this offer and download the booklet.

It is a booklet of 13 pages. In these blogposts I have shared some fundamentals to Christian Living. I have been trying to introduce you to some important concepts on how a Christian can get through difficult times.

Just click on this link:

Love Beareth all Things

You may freely share this booklet provided you leave it unaltered.

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The Time is getting closer!

These days we don’t hear much about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Yet Jesus said we ought to be ready and prepared for the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night.

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Though it’s not counted as scripture, the Epistle of Barnabas a 1st century writing; it gives an interesting thought. That at least one person in the the 1st century thought Jesus could return somewhere around the year 2033; (From the beginning of creation, to 2033, would be about 6000 years!) I’m not saying he will; but it should cause some to think about what one believes about Jesus’s return! Some people think very little to nothing about the fact, that one day he will return just as scripture describes. Whether he returns around the year 2033 or one hundred, or one thousand years afterwards really isn’t the point. We all should live our lives as if he could come at anytime and that we should be about our Father’s business today! Are you ready; ready or not he will come. Each day we are getting closer to his return; how…

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