A Thought About Seeking Success

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There is nothing wrong with pursuing goals that are worth it. Seeking to achieve something may require a lot of self-discipline. While others merely enjoy themselves some may keep themselves busy trying to solve problems in order to reach what they are aiming at.

I have been looking again over my list of possible translations of 1 Corinthians 13:5. I was interested to see that the Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition has: Love “is not ambitious…”

Is ambitious really synonymous with rude? I don’t think both words are completely interchangeable. Not all who are seeking to be successful are necessarily careless about good manners.

On the other hand as you place personal success and striving for distinction very highly, it is quite possible that you fail to appreciate other people, who disagree with your outlooks and views. You might feel annoyed with people who tend to take things very lightly.

How would an ambitious individual treat others who don’t share or support his own goals? Being ambitious can amount to being rude and unmannerly.

As yet, I want to further examine ambition by asking some other questions: What are you doing in order to achieve your goals? What measures are you taking to reach what you are aiming for?

You may say a good goal justifies the means employed. But does it justify any means?
Certainly love would be careful not to infringe legitimate rights of others. Love would always consider the weak and the needy.

“Love is not ambitious”. It does not place personal success and distinction higher than the livelihood of other people.

It is good for us to submit our own goals and our methods to clear-cut ethical values. Love would be considerate of others even when being strained with effort.



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Considering Interaction at Church



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One way of studying the bible is to compare various versions. This can be helpful even though you have access to resources about words used in the Greek original text. For most of us it is true to say that our grasp of this ancient language is limited in spite of dictionaries and perhaps some knowledge of Greek grammar. Therefore it can be helpful and inspiring to see what scholars, who have translated the bible, have made of a phrase or a verse of scripture.

For my considerations here on this blog concerning 1 Corinthians 13:5 I have consulted a website that does list very many English versions. If you are interested, why not check out www.biblegateway.com?

From this site I have printed out for myself all the renderings of this verse in the versions listed. I realised that many have used the word ‘rude’ as the NIV has it. Some have kept close to the King James Version too. However, I also discovered that some translations have used other words than these.

Actually the rendering of the Tree of Life Version published in 2015 by the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society has inspired my today’s post. This translation has: Love “does not behave inappropriately”.

This is certainly a correct and possible translation of the Greek. But at times when we hear the same truth in other words our understanding is being enlarged.

The question I want to ask today is: What behaviour is appropriate or inappropriate at church? Or let me put it simply: How to interact with other believers?

I have already mentioned that there are cultural factors of the surrounding societies involved too. These may be different in various countries. People from other walks of life may have unlike feelings about various aspects of behaviour too.

Some may feel this means you cannot really say anything about what to do or not to do at church. People’s opinions will be at variance anyway.

Today I would like to refer you back to the overall goal of the community of Christian believers. We are to help each other to follow Jesus. We are to strengthen and encourage each other to trust Jesus. We are to back up one another so we can put into practice what we learn from Jesus.

Anything that would weaken another’s stand for Christ might be inappropriate. We had better avoid whatever would discourage or prevent other believers from doing that which is right.

It is advisable that we should be very thoughtful and considerate about how we talk to other believers as well as what we say about them. Generally it is better to avoid harsh criticism and judgmental attitudes.

If you want to enlarge on this, reading the following scripture passages may be helpful and enlightening: Romans 14 and 15, 1 Corinthians 8 and Matthew 7:1-5! May God bless you as you read and study the bible!




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